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Marketing & Media Solutions That Target Desirable Prospects More Efficiently to Drive Retail Sales and Profits.

Activation marketing and media provider that increases a brand’s sales efficiently, with better targeting and measurable effectiveness at the local retailer level.

Browne+Browne Marketing is a leading marketing, advertising, media and promotion resource that enhances the sales performance of our clients through the use of local and regional customer engagement and activation marketing capabilities that include Media Planning/Buying, Events/Sponsorships/PR, Direct /Interactive/CRM, and Promotional Marketing/Retail POP.

For over 25 years, Browne+Browne has executed proven marketing solutions designed to drive customer acquisition and create and strengthen relationships that drive customer loyalty through stimulating behavioral attitudes. These activation marketing tools have never been more important than now for marketers to embrace as there is reduced consumer spending, combined with audience fragmentation, saturation of products, consolidation of distribution, rising media costs and pricing pressures. Branding, differentiation and targeting are everything. Browne+Browne successfully impacts a client’s bottom line and delivers more value by creating a real competitive advantage in each channel we invest our client’s budget. Industry expertise includes retail, financial services, grocery, banking, packaged goods, optical, cable/pay TV, franchising, motorsports, automotive, sports, sailing, and motion picture releases.

Driving Real Economic Results
For example, we execute innovative retail, call-to-action multi-media or channel campaigns to drive a measurable return on investment (some as high as 100% over same period previous year), by focusing on target-rich opportunity markets by sales potential, geographics, demographics or psychographics. Our proven sales improvement performance from better targeted local advertising dollars and extensive retail traffic-driving experience helps clients achieve results quickly and effectively.

Browne+Browne Builds Business
Whether a client wanted to bring the product direct to consumers with a 25-city National Mall Tour, sell $4 million in classic boats to 3,500 vintage boating enthusiasts in a one day auction, plan/place media in Canada, use the store/retail environment as “media”, better target underperforming zip codes for conquest sales with “surround the consumer” media, or extend a national NASCAR sponsorship to the local level at a State Fair, Browne+Browne has successfully served various companies looking for more “bang-for-the-buck” and sales-based marketing by seeking quality over quantity.

Marketing To Who Matters
We find for our clients a specific target audience, a high opportunity group of potential customers, which are difficult to directly reach in national advertising. Additionally, we take pride in offering meaningful measurement models to monitor relationships between a client’s marketing spend and sales results, and have an execution philosophy of “Measurable Effectiveness,” allowing for predictable results for campaign’s budget before it begins.

Hundreds of marketers from leading advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies like Nestle Purina, Wells Fargo, 3M, Chrysler, Dodge, Time-Warner/HBO, JC Penny, Polaris Industries, etc. have teamed with Browne+Browne to better target and focus local grass-roots marketing efforts as a compliment to their national brand advertising, and often in collaboration with other client agencies.