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Media Planning & Buying That Spikes The Sales Needle

Providing a full spectrum of media services, both in traditional and new media arenas that are solely geared to creating customer activation, and that are efficient, strategically targeted and engaging.

Media Planning
Browne+Browne uniqueness in developing a media campaign is that we integrate across all relevant points of prospect contact with the product, our ability to drill down to buy locally and regionally for clients to support their national advertising, and our knowledge of local media delivery systems that can best answer the call to drive sales or store traffic. Marketers today in the new world of media, are asked to run more programs across more media, with more objectives with the same or fewer resources. Our integrated process can make those possibilities reality in ways that save time, while allowing for measuring results to determine the most valuable campaigns.

We are focused on the big-picture marketing goals and strategies of our clients. To reduce costs and time, we base our campaign planning foundation on a comprehensive planning methodology, using both online and offline research.

From these insights and actionable data comes a recommendation of daypart mixes, high-reach programming, flighting and GRP levels for the most efficient and effective media buys that drive business success for our clients. In today’s fast-paced marketing world, this planning information allows us to make strategic media decisions quickly, that then drives a brand’s sales success.

We know how to evaluate and plan efficiently by forecasting impressions, CPM, GRP levels and lead generation to optimizing continued sales growth for our clients. We build measurement into the process, with metrics and benchmarks. We are all about demonstrating results, as today accountability in media spending is key. Our process enables deeper analytics, which in the end, help demonstrate ROMI (Return on Media Investment). Our integrated media placement strategy has delivered 50% higher ROMI with some as high as 100%, and with an average of 15-20% in negotiated no-cost added value extras.

Media Buying
Our buys use a combination of tactics that include Behavioral Targeting, prospect analytics, buying directly with local media outlets, cable buys at system level, regional campaigns, mapping store locations for customer geographic concentrations, added value extras, audit against plan and Executive Summary Reports. Our digital know-how and our web Behavioral Targeting, for example, allows us to target potential customers based on website viewing, lifestyles, media usage, etc. We use media objectives performance data to qualify media and sales effectiveness (from client sales tracking) and provide planning insight into how clients can greatly improve on future campaign results.

Browne+Browne Marketing plans and buys the following media channels:

• Regional cable television
• Local broadcast television
• Local cable television
• Local radio
• Interactive
• Print – magazine, newspaper
• Retailer Co-op
• Product placement programming
• Out of home
• Canada & Province-wide Media

Efficient Media Productivity
With less labor spent on execution, with zip code targeting, our insistence on “sharpen-the-pencil” negotiations, and our ability to eliminate waste of coverage, Browne+Browne creates more sales per dollar spent on a client’s retail advertising program. Our understanding as to what is needed in a media campaign to spike-the-needle and our extensive retail traffic-driving expertise help achieve sales and brand share increases quickly and efficiently.

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